Our Leadership


Eli Combs

  Starting at Goldman Sachs after graduating from Yale SOM, I have spent substantially all of my career in the alternative investment management world raising capital and evaluating investments.

I have been a Day 1 founder of two investment firms, and a senior member of 3 of the "Hedge Fund 100" largest hedge funds globally (two of which became members of that group because of capital I raised).  I have been the President / COO / CCO of my own alternative investment management firm and I have raised over $3.5 billion of new capital for hedge funds, private equity funds, and direct investments from capital sources globally.  I have been a member of investment committees and operating committees and formed and successfully launched a variety of different types of alternative investment funds.  I have also seen many tried and true alternative investment strategies become commodities or disappear almost entirely.  Managers need investment capital from new investors, but many also seek sources of alpha and differentiated returns from direct investment opportunities. I try to find both.